Shufflewoods – “We’ll custom for you”

Shufflewoods, unique Gifts, bespoke Wooden items made to order or off the shelf.As a teacher I loved designing with students and helping them to develop a visual idea into a working product; now I’m getting the chance to do this myself, whilst supporting my growing family.  Shufflewoods began as a hobby through a love of designing and making products which, has subsequently developed into a small home-grown business specialising in wooden based products for all occasions.

My most popular product are cards and figurines which are developed around simple, small wooden characters ‘Ply-people’; aimed to suit all types of occasions, these can be purchased in pre-designed form, or personalised with a special message to make ideal bespoke presents.  I design all products from scratch; more designs are being developed and tested on a weekly basis giving new ideas for gifts, and hopefully more customers!

I have a keen interest in sustainable design, therefore products and packaging are intended to limit material use and build on simple, stylish designs.  I use recycled, sustainable and natural materials, whilst still achieving a quality product for gift, or own use.  The figurines have been designed to be flat-pack items; taking less space to transport which is therefore both good for the environment and customer costs!

I have a range of products covering different occasions…

  • Greeting cards
  • Figurines
  • Framed pictures
  • Hanging plaques
  • Bottle and jar decorations
  • Magnets
  • Invitations
  • Event table decorations
  • Clothing pins and badges

I love designing bespoke products for customers so please get in touch if you require a tailor-made gift, I would love to design and make it for you.

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