LIMITED EDITION: Make Love Not Warlock – Luxury, Hand-Poured, Crystal Candle


Luxury, hand-poured crystal candles – witchcrafted on the Wirral.
* Vegan Friendly

* Natural rapeseed and coconut wax blend

* Cruelty free

200ml Candle

* Long lasting

In stock


✨????‍♀️✨ Make Love Not Warlock ✨????‍♀️✨

Here’s the second of our Valentine’s candle duo: Make Love Not Warlock

This candle is all about grounding, confidence and action.

It’s a hand poured, witch-crafted 200ml candle in a rose gold tin with a moreish scent that appeals to men and women alike.
It is a dark and powerful blend of tobacco leaf, softened with honey accords.

The top notes are tobacco, honey, spices and a citrus fresh blend. It leads into more tobacco, and a beautiful woody scent of sandalwood which then rests upon a base of amber, tonal bean, patchouli and honey.

It is adorned with a powerful trio of crystals: tiger-eye, red Jasper and amethyst for you to enjoy and keep long after the candle has gone out for the last time.

A special blend of botanicals top it off along with some sparkly bio-glitter – ‘cause we should look after Mother Earth while we’re here.
It was hand poured with love using a vegan friendly, magical blend of all natural waxes – no paraffin in ‘ere – ensuring a clean burn.

Crystal information:

✨ Tiger Eye strengthens the first three chakras, which correspond to grounding, creativity, and will-power respectively.

✨ Tiger Eye makes a great stone to carry and wear every day as it offers a fundamental level of support for creating a life that works for you.

✨ Tiger Eye works on all three lower chakras, so can help you act confidently from a place that is in alignment with your true self, your own values, and who you are and want to be. If your sense of yourself is feeling vague or you have no sense of direction, wearing Tiger eye regularly can help you solidify your personality into a strong, centered person.

✨ Red Jasper strengthens your foundation so that you can take action. Difficulty making decisions can stifle your ability to create. Embracing red jasper energy helps you to trust your gut, and go in the direction that you’re confident with.

✨ Jasper is believed to bring good health as well as courage and wisdom. Red Jasper also contains strong grounding and protective energies. This crystal has a stabilising and balancing effect combined with stamina and energy to move forward.

✨ Red Jasper is sometimes called ‘the stone of justice’ or ‘the Warrior’s stone’ as it helps promote fairness and doing what is right.

✨ Amethyst is a powerhouse stone with many benefits. It vibrates at a high frequency, creating a bubble of spiritual protection against negative energy.

✨Amethyst awakens higher consciousness and facilitates meditation and intuition. It can help you make wiser decisions free of emotional confusion.

✨ Amethyst is a purification stone on many levels. First, it purifies the aura directly. Secondly, it supports you to make decisions that keep you clear-headed.

✨ Amethyst stones help you be the best version of yourself. It can help you drop unhelpful habits and shift into higher states of consciousness. These habits might be physical or mental, including negative thoughts.

✨ As you work with amethyst, you will be more clear and grounded in your true nature. This will protect you from negative influence.

✨ Although the candles are made using the same ingredients and processes, the final look of the candle varies from candle to candle. The picture is an indication of what your candle is likely to look like. Each candle is hand-crafted in small batches in my witchy kitchen. ????‍♀️

???? Natural Botanicals symbolise:
✨ chrysanthemums are considered an emblem of youth and longevity. A red a red mum means “I love you” and a white mum means innocence, purity, and pure love.
✨ Gomphrena is a symbol of immortality and endless love.
✨ Sweet Violet symbolises loyalty, devotion, faithfulness and modesty.


Hints and tips:

✨ Once the candle has burned away fully, the crystals can be cleaned easily with some good ol’ hot and soapy water.

✨ Sometimes the little suckers can get too close to the wick, so feel free to give them a gentle nudge back towards the edge of the tin. ????

✨ The candle is packed full of botanicals, so please take extra care when burning. Some of them may catch light naturally in the burning process so please remove some of the bigger ones, such as the rose buds and pumpkins, and keep a close eye on it – never leave it unattended.

Stay safe:
• Keep away from anything flammable
• Do not move the candle once lit.
• Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Please note, the candles I produce and stones I use are intended as complementary therapy.
They are not a replacement for medical intervention and treatment.