Black Moon Stone Healing Heart Crystal


measurements 4.5cm by 4cm

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Black Moonstone has a strong energy to aid you to connect to the Divine Feminine during meditation and is said to aid the development of psychic gifts and mediumship. As in all black stones, Black Moonstone has a grounding affect but also resonate with the crown, third eye and throat chakra.

I love this heart it has little flashes of gold, when held up to the sun/light, one of my favourites..

  • Gemstone Family – Feldspar (Oligoclase & Orthoclase)
  • Chakras – Third Eye (6th) and Crown (7th)
  • Colour – Semi-transparent White, beige or grey
  • Found in – Armenia (mainly from Lake Sevan), Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India and Sri Lanka
  • Element Associated with – Wind
  • Also known as – “Gem of the High Priestess”, “The Traveler’s Stone”, “Stone for New Beginnings”, “Stone of Protection, “Adularia”, “Aphroselene” (Ancient Greek)
  • Birthstone Month – June
  • Zodiac Sign – Cancer, Libra, Scorpio,
  • Physical Healing Properties – Regulates menstrual cycles, enhances fertility, eases childbirth, reduces fluid retention
  • Emotional Healing Properties – Encourages calmness, soothing on the body, identifies emotional patterns and controls them, contains explosive passions, stimulates confidence, encourages sleep and reduces nightmares
  • Spiritual Properties – Stimulates inner reflection, strengthens faith, brings insight, opens the mind to inspiration and impulse, grants intuition
  • Legend has it that… The gem was said to have been embedded in the forehead of Ganesh, the four-handed god of the moon. In Asian mythology, moonstones are said to be brought by the tides of the sea every 21 years. Hindu mythology states that Moonstone is made from moonbeams.