Crafty Proton

Crafy Proton Unique Gifts, planters and tiles.

Paula from Crafty Proton Unique Gifts

Hello! I am Paula and I am the mind that has brought you Crafty Proton! My little business revolves around ceramic tiles and clay. I use ceramic tiles to make coasters, plant pot holders and clocks. Each of these items are hand decorated with quirky, unique designs that I hope you will love as much as I do.

Why the name Crafty Proton I hear you say?!?  For the past twenty-something years I worked as a research and development scientist (yes, white coat, safety glasses and disposable gloves!), In 2016 I was made redundant which gave me the opportunity to do something completely different.  I have always been a little bit crafty which included making decorative tiles for my friends wedding. After chatting with said friend (thanks Debs!) over a few kale vodka’s (yes, kale as in the green stuff!) it was then that I realised that running my own craft business was something I could actually do. I also help care for my lovely mum which means that I also need a job that gives me a lot more flexibility than your typical 9-5 and running my own business means that I  have more control over my working hours.

So, the name Crafty Proton relates to the two halves that make me, me! ‘Crafty’ for my crafty side and ‘Proton’ for my science side – that still creeps into my designs every now and again.

In order to get the Crafty Proton empire off the ground I received help from the New Enterprise Allowance scheme and was allocated a business advisor and a business mentor who did an excellent job in helping me with my business plan (thanks Jan and Jenny!) They even helped me do an NVQ in Business Enterprise. My husband is also a crucial cog in the Crafty Proton machine and none of it could have been of done without him. The continued support from my family and friends amazes me everyday, from recommending me on Facebook to turning up to at craft fairs to cheer me on.

As you can see I may be the face of Crafty Proton but there are lots of people behind the scenes helping it all come together and this now includes the Concept Corner family! If you fancy seeing my products in the flesh – pop in the shop, they are a friendly bunch!

I love what I do and my aim is that you love my products as much as I love making them.

Thanks for reading!